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Ask an Expert: Legal Considerations for Your Fashion Business

In response to my blog post Three Costly Legal Mistakes Your Business Should (and Can) Avoid, a reader asked two questions: “First, what are three costly legal mistakes to avoid in regards to a fashion line forming an LLC? Second, we intend to have employees and outside investors one day. Does that mean that we would need to dissolve the LLC?”    

Ask an Expert: Sell to Government

Over the last week, we recieved 3 great questions from readers about M/WBE certification and selling to the government. Read on for the answers. And, if YOU have questions about your business, Ask an Expert

Question:  It is like pulling teeth to move smoothly with registering a home-based business. Can you unlock the information to help me set up a fully functional home-based business? - Stuck at the Office

Answer: Good news - we’ve covered the basics

Advice for an Import/Export Entreprenuer

Question:  I am interested in starting a business to import/export food. Can you tell me what licenses or permits I need?  Also, how I can get food analyzed to comply with nutrition reporting requirements? - Hungry for My Own Business, A NYC Business Solutions Blog Reader

Plan to Grow Your Small Business

The question below was answered as part of our “Ask an Expert” series. If you have a question about your business, ask us.

Question:  I’ve been in business for five years now and I am considering expanding my product line.  I know I will need approximately $100k to do it.  Should I go for it?  - Chugging Along in Brooklyn

Answer:  Far too often business owners speak to me about what they need to make their business go to the next level without