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Certified to Win: City’s Minority and Women-owned Businesses Turn Government Biz into Profits | NY Daily News

Last year, New York City passed Local Law 1. The new law eliminates what had been a $1 million cap on the type of government contracts that count towards the city’s diversity goals.

That means minority and women-owned businesses can use their designation to compete for much bigger deals.

"The pool of contracts has gone from $400 million to $2 billion," Gregg Bishop, deputy commissioner, business development division at the city’s Department of Small Business Services (SBS), told the Daily News.

Since 2008, when the city launched its Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) program, the number of certified city businesses has ballooned from 700 to 3,764.

"We are committed to dramatically increasing that number," SBS Commissioner Maria Torres-Springer told the News.

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Certify Your Business: Three Easy Steps

With a few simple steps your business can apply for certification as a Minority and/or Women-owned Business with New York City. Certification can help grow your business by connecting you to exclusive opportunities to sell your products and services to agencies across NYC.

Top Five Reasons to Get Recertified

We’ve made it easier to get certified as a minority or woman–owned business by placing our application online, making it easier to “fast-track” with partnering agencies in the region, and extending the certification time period to five years.

3 Keys to Marketing to Government

By Denise Rodriguez Lopez, American Express OPEN Advisor on Teaming

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The Benefits of Certification Just Increased: More Corporate Contracting Opportunities

Think You’re Too Small to Bid on a Big City Contract? Think About Teaming.

By Denise Rodriguez Lopez, American Express OPEN Advisor on Teaming

Another Benefit of Certification:  A Special Invitation to Meet Agency Buyers

Last year, New York City conducted over 55,000 transactions to buy $15 billion worth of supplies, services and construction,